Nationwide Silo Evacuation Services

Abbey’s nationwide silo evacuation services are available at short notice and our team of silo evacuation professionals operate throughout the UK, getting to customers quickly to keep their products flowing and their site operational.

Our focus is on minimising disruption to your business. We remove contaminated products, blockages, or spillages without delay, getting sites up and running in no time. You can call our team to perform silo-to-silo transfers and remove products from tanker trailers or any other vessel that needs materials removed.

Abbey Warehouse, which specializes in handling a wide range of products (both food and non-food), can help reformat all your products.

Specialists in Silo Evacuation of Powdered and granulated Products

Abbey provides silo evacuation services for both food-grade and non-food-grade powder and granulated products. We can provide all previous load information to ensure product compatibility. Where required, our silo evacuation tankers can be deep-cleaned at one of Abbey’s own accredited tank wash bays to comply with any load regulations.


The UK’s largest food grade bulk Powder Road Tanker Company

Abbey Logistics is the UK’s largest bulk powder road tanker company for food grade products. We have extensive experience in sugar, flour, salt, starch and most other powdered and granulated products.

In addition to food products, Abbey work with the some of the UK’s largest polymer, cement, lime and ash manufacturers which gives us the knowledge and experience of product characteristics and our team of planners and drivers are on hand to provide advice and take an operational lead to quickly provide solutions and get our customers up and running again quickly.



Supporting Customers Quickly 

Responding quickly is usually vital in silo evacuation. Our customers production can be significant restricted or even stopped due to a blockage or contamination, therefore it is essential we are able to respond as soon as possible.

To enable us to achieve this our silo evacuation fleet is based in Middlewich in Cheshire and we are able to respond to customers anywhere in the UK and be on their site same day or next day.


Nationwide Silo Evacuation Fleet Support

Evacuated products can be transferred to our own or third party tanker trailers, bulk bags or bag in box containers. Once removed from your silo, we can provide onward distribution, storage or disposal anywhere in the UK.



In addition to silo evacuation we also can help with major spillages or any powder, granulated or pellet clean-up operations, and through our bag to bulk, rip and tip services on the Wirral, we can also decant evacuated material into bulk bags and securely store at our warehouse facility.



Call Us Today!

To get in touch with us about our Silo Evacuation Services and how we can help you or just to learn more about what we do, please call:

Paul Laverick, Head of Operations on +44 07753 819 678 


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