Road Tanker Safety

The safety of our employees, customers and the public is Abbey’s first objective. Our focus on customer service and operational excellence is intrinsically linked with all aspects of road tanker transport and food logistics safety and we cannot achieve one without the other.

Best in class Safety in Transport and Logistics

Every aspect of our operations, from warehousing to road transport is monitored and regularly reviewed by our team of health safety and compliance professionals to ensure the entire supply chain operates safely.

Abbey firmly believes that driver training is key to a safe and compliant operation; every driver undergoes comprehensive equipment and product training and attends regular refresher training. With a strong emphasis on defensive driving, we deliver regular driver assessments and presentations and we actively promote near miss reporting at all levels of our organisation.

Our Safety Culture

We’ve worked very hard to encourage a pro-active safety culture; where everybody accepts responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them their responsibility. This culture is open and honest and staff are encouraged to raise concerns wherever they arise.

World’s Safest Powder Road Tanker

In 2015, Abbey Logistics worked in partnership with DAF Trucks to build the world’s safest powder tanker. The vehicle was fitted with the very latest safety features including front and rear facing cameras, fall arrest systems, easily accessible emergency shutdown buttons plus much more. To view a short video demonstration of the powder tanker, please click here 

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