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Abbey Logistics is an important partner to British Sugar, providing all bulk sugar transport from British Sugar’s factories to their customers. Abbey’s focus on responsible resource use is key to the successful relationship.

As part of British Sugar’s commitment to transport road safety and improving their vehicle efficiencies in general, the UK’s largest sugar manufacturer have been working closely together to explore new and exciting opportunities.

What we did

Firstly, Abbey’s Fleet Engineers worked closely and collaboratively with Abbey’s lead drivers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle.  Based on the feedback they received and understanding British Sugar’s requirements they turned to the drawing board.

New vehicles were then designed and built as part of an ongoing improvement and development programme which seeks to create Europe’s leading tanker in terms of safety and efficiency.  Ultimately the new trucks are the best on the market in terms of safety, efficiency and drivability.


New trucks have been built to an exact specification to suit both Abbey’s and British Sugar’s requirements. They benefit from the latest safety features and employ technology to improve efficiency and enhance the driver experience.

All 17 vehicles are powered by an 11 litre, 2,150 newton metre output engine together with low rolling resistance tyres, which help reduce fuel consumption.  Equipping with the latest sat nav systems means that drivers can avoid heavily congested areas and minimise time spent in slow traffic. This will help improve the reliability of timely deliveries to our customers.

An improved mid-lift axle provides greater load capacity enabling the transportation of heavier payloads than current vehicles. In addition, all trucks feature a new generation of fifth wheel coupling which features both audible and visual warnings to the driver in and out of the cab when coupling and uncoupling, removing the risk of dropped trailers.

Deliveries will also be improved and made safer through having the latest high capacity blowing equipment which reduces fuel consumption significantly when unloading. Ground level hydraulic pipe coupling is also fitted which means our drivers never have to work at height when coupling and uncoupling.  Reduced hydraulic pipe runs also reduce leakage risks.

Protecting vulnerable road users is a responsibility of all transport companies and both British Sugar and Abbey take this very seriously. To help drivers, all trucks have four-way camera recording systems fitted and a new audible left turn indicator which sounds when the vehicle is turning left at low speeds.

All trucks will run with the latest Microlise telematics that measures both truck and driver performance and will accurately pinpoint areas for improvement to help both planners and drivers achieve the highest levels of efficiency.

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