Environmental responsibility

Abbey Logistics continuously looks for ways to improve our energy performance across our road tanker fleet and fleetevery area of our business, whilst working with customers to support their sustainability initiatives.  Key to this, is delivering environmentally sustainable logistics through a focus on operational excellence and efficiency.

Efficient operations reduce environmental impact

Through providing the most efficient, well-managed operations, we can reduce the impact we make on the environment by consuming less resources.

Our efforts include a significant focus on driver training to maximise fuel efficiency across our fleet. Our vehicle telematics system has enabled us to focus this training as it gives us full visibility of driver behaviour and has led to a notable increase in fuel efficiency and mileage savings

Multimodal Options

Abbey promotes the use of multimodal options for our customers utilising our fleet of ISO tank containers. Tank containers give our customers both the flexibility of transport mode and are significantly more efficient when transported by rail or water than on the road. This option is regularly reviewed with customers, to give them the opportunity to switch traffic to an alternative transport mode where appropriate.

Intelligent Route Planning and Equipment

Route planning is also critical to reduce our environmental impact, for this reason, we invest heavily in training our planners and investing in the most appropriate software to support efficient route planning and scheduling.

Abbey’s large modern fleet of HGVs also produce significantly lower emissions than older vehicles and we continue to invest in both an annual fleet expansion and renewal programme with fuel efficiency given the highest priority.


Abbey record and report on key areas of significant energy spend. We are constantly reviewing our performance to minimise energy wastage and look to new and innovative ways to save energy in all aspects of the business.

To view our 2015 – 2016 Energy Significance League Table please click the link.

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