Abbey’s Paint the Rainbow Challenge

Abbey has asked our teams working from home to ask their children to paint or draw a rainbow and put them in their windows at home to give other families something to look out for while they stretched their legs on their daily walk and remind them to stay positive. Some families are also using them as a game on their walks to see how many rainbows they can see.

We know how difficult it can be to juggle working from home and looking after children so hopefully this will help keep our colleagues children busy for a little while.

Featured here are some of the brilliant pictures we have received so far from some very talented people, the pictures are all brilliant! All of them are very colourful, and inventive with lovely messages of support.

Stay safe, stay indoors as much as you can and keep sending in the pictures!

By Andra, sent in by Rubinel Pieptea

By Isaac, sent in by Andy Shaw




By Blake, sent in by Dave Shaw


By Jasmine, sent in by Dave Shaw.


By Abigail Grant. Sent in by Perry Grant



By Harry Preston. Sent in by Arthur Preston


By Rebecca. Sent in by Francis Finnegan.


By Nancy Southern who sent a message to our drivers to stay safe.


By Niamh. Sent in by Jemma Bratton


By Mikey. Sent in by Jemma Bratton


By Stan and Ted. Sent in by Sean Powell


By Deejay, reminding our Drivers to stay safe. Sent in by Mike Harrison


By Hannah Crockett. Sent in by Evie Crokett


By Anna Parsons. Sent in by Matthew Parsons


By Jaimee. Sent in by Helen Gamwell


By Mia. Sent in by Alan Yates


By Miley. Sent in by Alan Yates


Sent in by Jordan Sean Marriott and painted by his daughter



By Halle, sent in by Eddie Newns


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