Abbey focus on driver comfort, payload and service with new Volvo FH trucks

Abbey has upgraded its fleet with an investment in 28 Volvo FH tractors to work across its bulk liquid and powder fleets throughout the UK and Northern Europe.

The tractors have been specified with driver comfort, payload and service as the most important factors. Features of the new vehicles include intelligent driving systems such as lane departure alerts, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, together with a four-way colour camera system to ensure maximum driver visibility to protect other road users. Driver comfort is addressed with a spacious cab, additional storage, microwave and fridge-freezer together with improved climate control and driver seating.

Keeping weight to a minimum is vital for the bulk powder and liquid work that Abbey specialise in, so specifying the right discharge equipment is essential. Abbey selected Meller Flow Trans blowers for vehicles going into its powder fleet and both Meller Flow Trans and Gardner Denver discharge compressors were specified for tractors for its liquid fleet. These high specification units will provide the perfect balance of reliability, economy and weight.

The new vehicles will all be fitted with the latest Microlise Fleet Performance telematics system which provides Abbey Logistics with real-time visibility of its fleet and helps improve driver performance and safety; while reducing fuel costs and environmental impact.

David Batty, Abbey Logistics Fleet Engineer said: “The feedback we have received from our drivers about the new FH tractors has been fantastic and is one of the key areas we look at when selecting new vehicles.

“The new Volvo FH model combines proven reliability which we saw from an extended trial of the vehicles in 2017, coupled with engineering innovation and a strong focus on having a comfortable working and living space for our drivers, which is key considering the work they will be doing throughout the UK and Northern Europe.”

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