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Environmental Key Performance Indicators

Environmental Key Performance Indicators
A prominent feature of the changes that we recently announced was our commitment to identify and publish our Environmental Key Performance Indicators. We have carried out this task in accordance with DEFRA’s ‘Reporting Guidelines for UK Business’ for Environmental KPI’s. These guidelines suggest that 80% of companies have five or fewer such KPI’s, and our reporting approach is in line with this indication.

For the purpose of measuring our planned improvement in Environmental impacts, we have used 2008 as our base year, as it was from 2009 onwards that we started to examine this aspect of our business. We will update our Environmental KPI Table on a six monthly cycle with actual data relating to both Absolute consumption/Generation, and Imputed improvement numbers. This will allow the reader to gauge and monitor the improvements which we make in our Environmental impacts. In the longer term, we will publish these in line with our financial year end periods but to commence with the actual numbers relate to calendar years.

The Environmental KPI table confirms that we have identified the following MAIN impacts:-

1. Direct Operational Impacts:-

Greenhouse Gases

a. Commercial HGV Fleet Vehicle Fuel
b. Tank-Cleaning Fuel (Gas Oil)


a. Landfill
b. Recycled 

2. Indirect Impacts (Supply Chain)

Greenhouse Gases

Energy use – directly purchased electricity at all Abbey Logistics Sites


Supplied water – consumption of piped water
We will refine and expand these KPI’s over time to include one or two further indirect Environmental KPI’s which will focus upon undertakings with our key supply partners.

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